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While today’s payment system is increasingly reliant on electronic forms of payment, paper checks are still an important payment vehicle for most Credit Union members. At Delta County Federal Credit Union we partner with national check producer, Bank-A-Count, to offer you a nice selection of affordable paper check products and supplies.

Once ordered, your checks will arrive at your address of record with the Credit Union, via U.S. Mail, within 10-15 business days, and will be packaged in a “flat” blue plastic pouch along with a check register and vinyl checkbook cover. Should you prefer greater delivery security, you may ask to have your checks delivered to any of our Credit Union offices for pick up.

A standard order of 150 duplicate checks costs less than $15 including shipping and handling. Standard (non-duplicate) checks, in quantities of 200, are also available for an even lower cost, as are leather checkbook covers, deposit slip books and business check supplies.

To Reorder checks… If you have ordered checks through the Credit Union’s Bank-A-Count program in the past, a re-order is a simple matter. You have several check reorder options:

  1. Call us at any of our offices and provide your name, account number and last check number. If you do not know your last check number, we may be able to access that through the Bank-A-Count ordering program. If any details have changed since your last check order (name, address or phone number) please be sure to let us know prior to having us place your check reorder.

  2. Drop off the check reorder slip that was provided with your last check order, at any of our offices.

  3. Order online! To do so, simply log into your Online Banking account, select the “Self Service” tab, click the “Forms” sub-tab, and then select "Re-order Checks" and provide the requested information.   We take care of the rest!

  4. Reorder via our Mobile Banking App!

Third Party Vendors: Members may order checks through third party vendors, however, product quality, MICR line encoding (magnetically encoded check number and routing number at the bottom of your checks) and the accuracy of your personal information, will be the responsibility of the member placing the order with the third party provider. In addition, check re-orders through third party vendors cannot be processed through your Credit Union.

Coin Counter

Both the Delta and Hotchkiss offices of Delta County Federal Credit Union feature a self-service coin counting machine (similar to the national brand – Coinstar™). Our coin counters will accept all U.S. coinage. We charge a fee to members of 5% of the face value counted for use of this service (Non-member fee is 9% of the face value). This fee helps cover the considerable cost of shipping heavy coinage back to the Federal Reserve Bank. In comparison, Coinstar™ machines in the U.S. charge a fee of 11.9% of the counted coin’s face value (Source:, July, 2019).

To use our coin counter, simply press “start” on the machine’s touch screen, indicate if you are a member of DCFCU, and dump your coins into the machine’s hopper. Once counting is complete, the machine will provide a paper voucher which must then be presented to a Member Service Representative in order for the face value of the coinage to be either reimbursed in cash, or credited to your account at the Credit Union. 

Please take care when using our coin counters, to remove any foreign objects such as washers, screws, paper clips, dirt, foreign debris and bullets (yes, all have been fed into our machines at one time or another). These objects can damage the machine. 

Any foreign coinage (or damaged U.S. coinage) introduced into the machine – including Canadian - will be returned to the user via the “Rejected Coin” dispenser.

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