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Delta County Federal Credit Union offers FREE Online Banking services to any member who requests the service. Online Banking (OLB) and Bill Pay services may be accessed via any electronic device capable of accessing the Internet.  The OLB login portal is located on the home page of our website ( OLB may also be accessed via our Mobile App which is available for free download from the Apple App Store or Google Play. For details on the Mobile App, click here.

Features: Using OLB, a member may view account detail and history, transfer funds between accounts, sign up for and view eStatements, re-order checks, establish parameters for warning notifications, send a secure message to the Credit Union, and even download PDF versions of account statements. One year of account history is available via OLB.

To sign up for OLB:  You must first be a member of Delta County Federal Credit Union. (Click here for information on joining!)  Members wishing to sign up for OLB may enroll for the service by clicking the "New User" button just below the "Login" button on our home page.  The sign in process will require you provide up to date contact information, your full social security number for identity confirmation, and your account number with the Credit Union.  If you have more than one account you may provide any any valid account number (minus any suffix such as "501")  

Security: Our OLB service is technically very secure, and is overseen by Fidelity Information Services (FIS) our core processor, which maintains significant physical and electronic barriers to intrusion; however, human error or carelessness can create an unnecessary risk for users of our OLB service. When using OLB please observe the following security protocols:

  • Do not access OLB via any unsecured wireless network – whether a home network or public network. Such networks are easily accessed by unscrupulous individuals, opening you to unnecessary risk.

  • Keep passwords strictly private, do not write them down where they might be discovered, and create a password which includes reasonable complexity (for instance, incorporating a mix of capital and lower case letters, numbers and symbols) – the more complex the password, the less likely it is to be broken by an unauthorized party!

  • In addition to establishing complex passwords, we strongly recommend that you institute an access code on all of your devices – a code without which the device cannot even be accessed.
  • Unless you are fully confident of the physical security of your access device, we recommend that you do not select an option for the OLB program to "remember" your computer or your password.  Allowing OLB to remember your computer or password will cause OLB to bypass challenge questions upon login which are important access security protocols.
  • When you have finished using OLB, click the "close" button to assure that you have logged out of the program, otherwise the program may remain active until it "times out".

We recommend a strong anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-malware software program be installed on your access device, regardless of whether that device is a desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Online Bill Pay

Our Bill Pay Service is an optional and FREE component of our Online Banking Service. Bill Pay functionality allows a member to make payments to any company or individual established by the member in the system as a payee. Payments may be "one time" or "recurring" and every detail of the payment may be honed by the payee. Payees and payments may be added, deleted or edited at will and scheduled payments may be cancelled at any time prior to the issuance of payment.

Alongside the traditional Bill Pay features listed above, our Bill Pay service also offers the following options:

  • "Pay-a-Person".  This service allows the payer to pay any individual so long as the payer has a cell phone number or email address for the recipient.
  • "Transfer Service".  This service allows the payer to set up an ACH direct deposit into an account at any domestic financial institution, so long as the payer can provide the recipient's account number and routing number at the receiving financial institution.
  • "Express Pay" option, which for a fee, will expedite delivery of a payment to help avoid late payments.
  • "Gift Pay" and "Donation" features.  This allows a payer to send a gift check along with a card to any recipient.  The Donation feature allows the payer to make a donation to a charity.  Both features have fees associated with the services.

When a payment order is established within Bill Pay the member will select a date for the payment to be sent. When a 'send date' is selected the system will estimate the date of receipt by the receiver. Transmission of payments typically takes 3-7 business days, depending on whether your payment is sent to the receiver electronically (an ACH), as it often is with large institutional recipients, or if it is sent via paper check and US Mail, as is typical for smaller businesses and individual recipients. Members should take care to send payments with sufficient time for them to arrive and be processed by the payment due date, in order to avoid possible late fees imposed by the recipient. Important note: The Bill Pay user will be debited for the payment order on the "send" date for electronic (ACH) payments, but for items sent via paper check, the user's account will be debited once the recipient has deposited the check and it has cleared the Credit Union.

Some payees (typically larger institutional payees) even allow the member to request electronic statements be delivered within the Bill Pay program, via an E-Bill request option, available when setting up the payee.  If this option is not offered when setting up a payee then it is not available for that payee.  A history of past payments is available to view for each payee established within the Bill Pay Service.

To sign up for the Bill Pay Service simply log into our On Line Banking service, click on the "Bill Pay" tab, and follow the instructions. Delta County Federal Credit Union charges no fees for this service.  Bill Pay users have 24 hour support through a toll-free phone number and a "chat" feature within the Bill Pay program.  In addition, there are instructive video tutorials available within Bill Pay to help explain how each feature works.

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