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Auto Loans

For many members, a mortgage is their most significant monthly repayment obligation – but an auto loan payment can run a close second.  For this reason, your Credit Union want offers you an opportunity to get the best rate and lowest monthly repayment possible. 

When considering an automobile purchase – whether new or used – DCFCU offers several great options for obtaining financing for your purchase.

  1. Pre-approval.  In order to provide the member a pre-approval letter, the Credit Union will first need to process a completed consumer loan application; considering such factors as the member's credit history, debt to income ratio, history with the credit union and other relevant factors.  As with any Personal Loan, a consumer loan application is required ($15 application fee applies). Once a loan is approved, a pre-approval letter will be issued.  This letter may then be presented to the dealer during the sale closing process.  Keep in mind that automobile salespeople sometimes receive cash bonuses from certain lenders to steer you towards their loan products, and such products may not always be in the member's best interests.

  2. CU Direct Connect.  Delta County Federal Credit Union is affiliated with CU Direct, a company which helps credit unions provide auto loans to members who may not have gone through the pre-approval process.  To use CU Direct (which generates a loan with DCFCU without the member having to actually come to the office to apply), simply mention to the auto dealer that you want to get your auto loan with DCFCU through CU Direct.  One advantage of pre-approval over use of CU Direct is that the personal attention given to a pre-approval allows the lender to apply creative solutions to the loan process which may benefit the borrower in certain cases. For more information on Direct Connect, click here.

  3. Share Secured Loan.  If a member has deposits invested at the Credit Union sufficient to cover the amount of a needed auto loan, the member can borrow funds from themselves!  With a Share Secured Loan, the member signs loan papers with the Credit Union allowing the Credit Union to put a hold on their funds on deposit equal to the amount of the loan request.  An advantage of this loan type is that your "held" funds continue to earn interest! 

Shopping for a vehicle? Take advantage of the extensive resources available under “Auto Buying Tools” on our Mobile App.  Tools for 'on the go'… when you actually need them!



To view our current loan rates, please click here.

To fill out a Consumer Loan Application, please click here.  Once completed, please bring application to a lender at any of our offices.  You may also fax the application to the Delta office at: 874-5241, the Hotchkiss office at: 872-6607, or the Cedaredge office at: 856-4903.  Please do not send via email for security reasons. (If not submitted in person, signed original application, filled out in blue or black ink, must be provided to CU prior to loan closing).

If you are looking for automobile insurance, please see our Insurance Center or TruStage Insurance pages for details.

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