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Share Certificate Accounts

If you're saving for the long-term and want a better dividend rate than a simple savings account can offer, DCFCU's Share Certificate Accounts are just what you need.

Certificate Accounts, commonly called CDs, offer excellent benefits:

Convenient Terms: You can choose terms ranging from six months to 5 years
Higher Rates: Your dividend rate could be up to twice as much as simple savings accounts
Dividends paid quarterly: Dividends earned are available quarterly or can be reinvested

Open a Share Certificate Account Now!

  • Minimum $2500.00 deposit required.
  • All CD’s have a 10-day grace period upon maturity.

Youth Share Certificate - 90 day Add-on Certificate

  • Youth must have $25.00 share account.
  • Minimum $250.00 deposit required.

Click here to learn more about Youth Savings!

Early Withdrawal Penalty

We may impose a penalty if you withdraw from your account before the maturity date.

For Youth Share Certificates: 

  • Penalty equals 90 days' dividends.

All other Share Certificates:

  • Certificates with a term 6 months.     Penalty: 90 days' dividends.
  • Certificates with a term of 1-2 years.  Penalty: 180 days' dividends.
  • Certificates with a term of 3-5 years.  Penalty: 365 days' dividends.

How the Penalty Works

The Penalty is calculated as a forfeiture of part of the dividends that have been or would be earned on the account. It applies whether or not the dividends have been earned. In other words, if the account has not yet earned enough dividends or if the dividend has already been paid, the penalty will be deducted from the principal.

Please contact us with any questions.


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