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Performance Based Pricing Loan Rates

Effective Date: February 23, 2015

Vehicle Rates
Cars and Trucks

New-2015                     As low as 3.25%*            Up to 72 months
Used-2014 & Older As low as 3.50%* Terms vary based on year

Titled Other Collateral
Motorcycles, Motor Homes, Travel Trailers

New-2015                                  As low as 4.75%*                      Up to 10 years with 5 year balloon
based on dollar amount
Used-2014 & Older As low as 5.00%* Term based on dollar amount

Untitled Other Collateral
ATV's, Snowmobiles, Boats

2015 As low as 5.75%* Term based on dollar amount
As low as 6.00%*              Term based on dollar amount
2012 & Older As low as 6.50%* Term based on dollar amount

Personal Loans

Unsecured                                       As low as 10.00%*                       $5,000 maximum up to 24 month term
VISA Credit Card 14.25%*                               
Overdraft Line of Credit 15.00%*

Mortgage Loans
Call for Terms and Conditions

First                        As low as 3.95%*
Second As low as 6.50%*
Home Equity As low as 6.50%*                         
Mobile Home-with real estate As low as 7.50%*
Mobile Home-w/out real estate As low as 8.50%*

Share Secured

Share Savings                                                 3.00%* Above current Savings Product rate
Certificate of Deposit 2.75%* Above current Certificate Deposit rate

 *Annual Percentage Rate. Rates are subject to change. Rates and terms are based on credit experience. All loans subject to members qualification. Some restrictions may apply.

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